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"Carissa was outstanding through all phases of selling my home and buying a new one. On the sell side, she listened to my wishes, and advised me on exactly the right changes to prepare my house for sale. Then she made this process even easier on me by coordinating all the arrangements. For both selling and buying, she demonstrated excellent negotiation skills to create the best possible outcomes. I highly recommend Carissa for all your real estate needs!"

Beth Ann Miller

"Carissa was terrific to work with as she is very knowledgeable of the local market. We listed out house and it was under contract quickly and closed in 30 days. Awesome experience!"

Jamie & Gia Welsh

"Carissa was amazing to work with! I represented my buyer client and Carissa represented the selling party. This was one of the easiest and well put together transactions I have been a part of. From received and reviewing initial seller disclosures, clear communication about property condition, property access, ease of communication to make sure buyer and seller needs were met during the escrow period and even specific HOA requests my buyer had. Everything went very smooth. Thanks again for the great realtor to realtor experience and I look forward to another transaction sometime in the future!"

James Roddenbery

"Carissa was fantastic throughout. She knew our neighborhood and had worked with others to buy and remodel homes in the area; this let us see examples of what our house could be in the future. She responded to my _many_ inquiries and was a calm and helpful influence throughout. She helped set a good negotiating price, worked us through the process, helped us close the deal and then followed up with trusted contractors so we could chat with people for move in. Carissa's patience throughout the whole process was stellar and she was a positive upbeat presence through our process. In other words, Carissa was great and I'd recommend her without hesitation!"

William O'Connor

"Carissa is incredible, and helped us find our dream home! We found her through friends who purchased a home in an area we were interested in (Walnut Creek, CA). She's very knowledgeable of the Bay Area real estate market, and in our first meeting gave us the nitty-gritty of what the market is like around here (i.e. kinda insane). She's experienced in RE and has lived in Walnut Creek for a long time. She knows the school districts because her own kids have all gone to these schools, too. She was upfront, direct, and very patient with answering all of our questions, and not pushy. Communication (text and email) was a breeze, and she happily took time out of her weekends to help us view homes and plow through the paperwork. We know that's what all real estate agents do, but Carissa was really gracious throughout the process. We put down an offer on the house we really
wanted (after seeing many many others online), we did what Carissa told us to do in order to get the house, and within 2 days our offer was accepted. We're very happy with our home, and Carissa was instrumental in helping us get it.

Carissa was a fantastic resource for us. She was patient, always available, and supportive. It took us a year of looking! She was always insightful with the prescient information that first time home buyers would be lucky to have. Thank you, Carissa!"

Kyle Sumner

"Carissa was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. She was great at explaining the entire process step by step, as this was my first time purchasing a home. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone."

Sabrina Castor

"Carissa got the job done for us big time. We were wanting to relocate to a better school district and had to buy and sell close to simultaneous. With her excellent understanding of the hot hot east bay market pricing we were able to be top two bidder on our now new home! (Writing a letter helped us beat no.1 bidder) and then with her excellent contacts and partnerships we were able to get our home cleaned, staged and sold a week after we went into contract for the new house. A lot of moving parts and moving quickly to get the job done but Carissa was responsive and on top of it! She was super fun to work it and we still keep in touch! This is our forever home hopefully but if we ever need help buying/selling again Carissa is our gal! Plus her excellent loan contacts were able to get creative in order to not require a bridge loan, which is expensive. So all around great process!"

Molly Landes

"My wife and I recently purchased an investment property. Carissa was fantastic and instrumental in helping us navigate through the entire process. Her expertise together with her honesty and integrity made us feel protected and completely in good hands. We are very grateful to have found an excellent realtor, and a great advocate and friend. It would be a pleasure to work with Carissa in the future."

Farshad & Meny

"Carissa knew exactly what to do to my home and how to price it to get the most out of the sale of my home in the current market. Her over-all knowledge of the neighborhood was a true advantage."

Sara Hill

"Carissa did a great job helping my wife and I purchase our first home. Always available and was great at scheduling viewings almost every day during the process. Would highly recommend!

"Carissa helped us find our perfect home and was there for us every step of the way despite our difficult schedule. We looked extensively at 35-40 houses and Carissa worked tirelessly to accommodate us. Even though we experienced several bumps along the way e.g. delays from the bank due to the pandemic, it was Carissa’s positive attitude, patience, quick responsiveness and expertise that got us through to a successful closing and we could not be more grateful to her. In addition, Carissa is one of the most warm, kindhearted and genuine people we have ever met and she continued to support us well after closing. We would wholeheartedly recommend Carissa to anyone looking for a new home."

"We are so happy we chose Carissa as our realtor! She made the whole process so smooth and was there for us in every way! Knowing we could trust her from beginning to end was priceless!!!"

"Carissa is absolutely fantastic. We had a very difficult situation with our sale – great house but an ugly property line dispute with a neighbor — and she guided us through the whole thing with poise and professionalism. I felt very well taken care of, and always knew that Carissa would get us a great result. the sale was stressful as hell, but we made it through with Carissa's expertise, tenacity, and ability emotional intelligence."

"There are no words to describe how helpful and wonderful it was working with Carissa. We were first time home buyers, which of course means a whole lot of questions, clarifications, seeing a TON of houses, signing paperwork with size 5 font, and of course, even more questions, and then more questions after those questions. And yet, Carissa was very patient with us and answered all of our important questions. She is comfortable to be around. She is FUN to be around, and most importantly, she is knowledgeable. Holy moly this woman knows so much! As we're looking at the different houses she would point things out to me, was honest in her thoughts with me - and all of this built TRUST between us. When things are moving so fast in real estate, sometimes the only thing you can count on is TRUST; and Carissa has a great way of building that trust. As a result, you really feel like she has your back. Another thing I mentioned above that I think is really important to emphasize is her HONESTY. She didn't try to sell me on anything, and when we disagreed she said just that - "we have different opinions on it, and that's okay." I highly RESPECT & RECOMMEND Carissa Brown. If you are lucky enough to work with her - take it, enjoy it, and don't take it for granted!"

Richell Jose

"Carissa is a pro at what she does. She is quite knowledgeable of the market and the process. We were always able to reach her and she answered all of our questions. Wouldn't hesitate to use her again - well done!"

Phitsanu Kochaphum

"My wife and I just bought our first home, and Carissa was our buying agent. She was the best we could have hoped for! During our initial phone conversation, she took the time to understand our preferences, and was very patient with us as we asked many questions, given that we were first time home buyers and new to the process. Throughout our search, she was we very responsive and communicative. We relied on her expertise to educate us on the market, neighborhoods, and what it would take to make a competitive bid. She deserves significant bonus points for helping us through a difficult process during our closing involving a repair with the seller. Carissa was outstanding, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking in the East Bay!"

"Carissa sold our home in San Ramon recently. She is a professional from out of the gate. She is the FIRST broker we have ever worked with who did EXACTLY what she said she would. She handled everything on her own in house prep. We moved, and she took care of everything remotely. If you are selling a home in Contra Costa County, in my experience, you can trust this woman to do as she promises. It is no wonder why she has so many recommendations and they are all high. Thank you, Carissa!"

"Carissa was an absolute dream to work with! She is knowledgeable and thorough making the whole process smooth and worry much as a big purchase can be."

"Carissa was great to work with! Very professional, yet friendly, engaging, and responsive. We looked at six homes in the Rockridge area together, made offers on two of them, and bought a house. Thanks for the help!"

"Literally THE BEST realtor I have ever worked with. Carissa was the selling agent on a home I purchased unrepresented. She was so efficient, responsive, and kind, that I decided to contract with Carissa to sell the home I was moving out of. Well...Carissa had my home under contract in less than 24 hours, in the middle of coronavirus lockdown, AND for over asking price. No one even comes close to Carissa when it comes to real estate. Best in the BIZ!"

Elliot Silver

"Carissa had an offer with the first 10 days, might been 7 days. Over 150 people to the first showing. Carissa is hard working, she help getting the home ready for the sale: a gardener to finish the final landscaping. She provide a great economical window cleaner who even cleaned the skylight on three story hillside home. We generally sold the house as is which what we wanted. She manage to hold together and help us through a tough negotiations."